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China Security & Surveillance Technology Inc. (CSST) ¡ª a leading Chinese security corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) ¡ª is now eyeing the overseas market after a series of mergers and acquisitions.

After acquiring many local professional security manufacturers, system integrators and service providers, CSST now is drawing up plans for the world market. CSST Product is established to integrate its enormous internal resources to provide one-stop shopping service, and act as a bridge between the manufacturing base and the customers.

CSST is a professional manufacturing center of security products with all our subsidiaries focusing on security. This is how we differ from other big enterprises. CSST¡¯s strategy is to do what its customers have asked. Our one-stop shopping enables international buyers to save a lot of time and energy sourcing different products and finding different partners. In addition, combining orders for the entire group enables the company to save on procurement given vastly improved economies of scale. Thus, our buyers are able to get higher profits in selling our products. These are advantages for one-stop shopping. To sum up, the ¡®integration of CSST¡¯s internal resources¡¯ is quite beneficial to both our company and customers.

CSST Product encompasses all major security manufacturers, such as Minking, HTS, Stonesonic, Longhorn, Chenova, Alean, Higheasy, Golden Group, DIT Digital, and Coson. It also serves as a manufacturing center, providing products for both the domestic and overseas markets. Through close cooperation among these manufacturers, expense and needed investment are reduced, while enabling the company to ramp up production.

Such integration benefits our overseas customers most as we will have one single sales window in charge of all CSST products. For our customers, our service will become more versatile and efficient. Then, our service and technical support for all the products should be followed. To make the most of its integrated sales, CSST customer service and technical support teams are receiving training to give them a solid grounding in all of the company¡¯s products. This has led to major improvements in how the company handles orders.

As for R&D, the company will establish a research and development center in March with 200 employees and support from university. Notably, the center will be working on IP surveillance technology and advanced facial recognition to satisfy requirements for Safe City projects. The center will also be responsible for integration of R&D resources and integration of all subsidiary efforts to develop one management platform. The company¡¯s testing center will also begin operations in March. Here, all CSST products will be tested for compliance with international standards. In the future, the center will also conduct testing for other Chinese companies as well..

As CSST possesses superior manufacturing and R&D capabilities and a strong technical background in system integration, it is able to cooperate with many different kinds of customers, such as distributors and big OEM manufacturers. As such, the International Business Division of CSST can serve as an important platform for buyers to source other security products from its subsidiaries, just like a big distributor. Whereas previously, its subsidiaries might have had 30 clients; now they have been able to increase this tenfold by exploiting the platform¡¯s many advantages.

CSST currently plays quite actively in joining more international trade shows and promoting itself in overseas with different advertisements. We want to let international buyers understand that CSST is able to provide comprehensive services for all aspects of manufacturing, sourcing, installation, system and project design, and sales and marketing channels. With this positioning in the global market, CSST can create more extra values to avoid the price competition in the market. This year, CSST is more engaged in some developing countries, such as India. In Europe and America, its goal is to upgrade its total quality in services.

CSST¡¯s flexible and customized manufacturing services and R&D capability are highly proven. Recognition from international buyers has given us greater opportunities to promote high-end products. In the long run, CSST wants to position itself as a total solution provider.¡±