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Company Overview
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CSST Product is the division of China Security & Surveillance Technology (PRC) Inc. (CSST) responsible for the planning, manufacturing, marketing and sales of security products produced by CSST subsidiaries to the global market.

CSST Product encompasses all major security manufacturers, such as Minking, HTS, Stonesonic, Longhorn, Chenova, Alean, Higheasy, Golden Group, and Coson. It also serves as a manufacturing center, providing products for both the domestic and overseas markets.

The 12-building, 80,000 square meter CSST Industrial Park is currently home to several of the manufacturing subsidiaries with others scheduled to relocate here in the near future. Currently it is equipped with 6 SMT machines, 12 plastic injection machines and a tooling factory, with another 6 SMT machines coming in soon. CSST Industrial Park is aimed to be the most important industrial base of the security and surveillance industry in the world.

CSST Product also includes: International Business Dept., DIT Digital and Global Innovation Alliance Dept.

The International Business Department has been established with the main goals of assisting in the integration of all the subsidiaries as well as providing a bridge between the subsidiaries and international customers.

DIT Digital¡¯s extensive customer base greatly enhances the distribution of CSST products.

The Global Innovation Alliance Department is promoting CSST product in the Indian and Japanese markets.